For peace of mind, contact our councelling & therapy service in Pukekohe, Auckland

My name is Danielle, and I am a trauma sensitive, integrative counsellor. I believe no one size therapy fits all as we are all unique and have differing experiences, beliefs, preferences and needs. 

I am a fully trained, degree qualified counsellor who can combine counselling theories and therapies in a style and choice that suits you. I have had over 6 years’ experience, originally volunteering for community agencies. I am a recent provisional member of NZAC.       

My therapeutic background stems from a person-centred approach and strong belief in our inbuilt ability to realise and release our potential through increased awareness and understanding. My purpose is to provide a safe space and build a therapeutic relationship that helps support and guide you through your journey, offering empathy, non-judgement, and positive regard.

I am experienced in working with a variety of diverse clients including –

  • Primary, Pre-Adolescent, Teenage, Adult clients
  • Cultural, Spiritual, Gender, Physical and Neurodiverse clients

I can offer support in a variety of areas such as –

Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Grief | Trauma | Emotional eating | Self-Confidence | Motivation | Relationship problems | Work/Life balance | Emotional support for infertility

Available services that we can discuss, to discover how you might like to work, include-  

Talk therapy | Mindfulness | Art Therapy | Play Therapy | Sand tray Therapy | CBT | Trauma Therapy | Grief Therapy | Strengths based | Motivational | Te whare tapa whā | Gestalt therapy | Narrative therapy

Originally from Hertfordshire, England, I emigrated to New Zealand 19 Years ago. I am based in Pukekohe, South Auckland. I offer confidential, face to face sessions or over the internet via Zoom.